One Fine Burmese Day

After a sleepless night of travel from my honorary home Shanghai, I finally touched down in the city of Yangon. I was immediately greeted by the warmth of the air here, which was a far cry from chilly Shanghai in which I would curl myself up in layers of blankets while being blasted by a sickly heating unit. I was liking this place already. However, despite my positivity, there was a slight nagging in the back of my mind. Continue reading “One Fine Burmese Day”

Yangon: The Botatuang Pagoda

Twas the third day of Yangon and not a person or thing stirred throughout the hostel at 6am, until the sound of my very raucous alarm started that is, which is an unnecessarily loud Irish-jig sounding atrocity. Why do have such an awful alarm you ask? The reason is this, I actually need to be frightened or annoyed out of my slumber, and the most irritating alarm noise is the only thing to wake me up. A morning person I am not. However! Something amazing was happening, I was actually enjoying arising at an early hour, as the excitement that awaited me in this city motivated me to become a person of the early hours. Continue reading “Yangon: The Botatuang Pagoda”

A Bagan Sunrise

To describe a Bagan sunrise is no easy task but I will attempt this feat. During my time in Bagan, I actually rose to greet every single sunrise, each a very different experience. Each time featured a different view, a different atmosphere and different people. Simply put, it  was incredible.

I arose at a very early hour, to make my way towards one of the famed sunrise spots in Bagan and it was to be my first. Continue reading “A Bagan Sunrise”

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)-No Ladies Beyond This Point

Recommended by Lonely Planet as being one of the top 10 sites to see in Myanmar and looking unlike anything I had ever seen before, I felt it absolutely necessary that I go to see this unusual pilgrimage site. One important thing to note however, is that the rock itself is off-limits to women due to age-old thoughts and superstitions. Continue reading “Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)-No Ladies Beyond This Point”