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How to Obtain a Visa for Mongolia in China

Bordering China, you would immediately assume that it must be simple to obtain a visa for this incredible country, and I know what you must be thinking, sure visas can be a pain but it’s usually sorted by a trip Read more…

One Fine Burmese Day

An introductory post detailing my first day in the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon: The Botatuang Pagoda

Twas the third day of Yangon and not a person or thing stirred throughout the hostel at 6am, untilĀ the sound of my very raucous alarm started that is, which is an unnecessarily loud Irish-jig sounding atrocity. Why do have such Read more…

A Bagan Sunrise

To describe a Bagan sunrise is no easy task but I will attempt this feat. During my time in Bagan, I actually rose to greet every single sunrise, each a very different experience. Each time featured a different view, a Read more…

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)-No Ladies Beyond This Point

Recommended by Lonely Planet as being one of the top 10 sites to see in Myanmar and looking unlike anything I had ever seen before, I felt it absolutely necessary that I go to see this unusual pilgrimage site. One Read more…

Bagan, Myanmar

Standing atop the Thisawadi TempleĀ feeling majestic in Bagan, Myanmar.